Ana Deaconu

Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Fitness Bikini Competitor

I am Ana Deaconu, a certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach with a youthful spirit at 41 years young. ☺️ My fervor lies in assisting women aged 35 and above, with a specialization in navigating the challenges of menopause.

I’m not just a coach; I’m also a Fitness Bikini Competitor. Prior to embarking on my fitness and nutrition journey, I spent over a decade in the corporate world.

My credentials include a degree in Psychology, and I’ve dedicated nearly four years to the fitness and nutrition domain, exclusively focusing on empowering women.

While achieving the desired physique is essential, I firmly believe that nurturing the MINDSET is equally, if not more critical. My approach isn’t solely about shedding pounds; it’s about transforming behaviors, unraveling the “whys,” understanding needs and emotions, all within a holistic framework.

I’ve invested countless hours in studying fitness, nutrition, menopause, and women’s health, for I understand that learning never ceases. And most importantly, I absolutely LOVE what I do!

I am an ardent believer that consistent, daily progress—even if it’s just 1%—matters tremendously.


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