Unleash Your Inner Potential, Upgrade Your Life

Mission: Life Upgrader aims to be the ultimate Digital Fitness and Wellbeing platform, that gives people the tools, the options and the support needed in order for them to achieve their boldest health related goals.

Our Vision

Building a world where health and wellbeing are accessible to all, through a seamless blend of technology and human potential.

Life Upgrader envisions a global ecosystem of health & wellbeing, where the power of expert trainers, athletes, and motivators can be harnessed to help individuals achieve their health objectives through a combination of high-performance technology and human guidance.


Life Upgrader is transforming the Digital Fitness & Wellness landscape by creating the ultimate solution that brings together the best of technology and human potential.

The Idea It all started from!

There is a gap in the Fitness and Wellbeing Market. There is no entity that provides the basic tools (nutrition) + the right type of training + marketplace and performance coaching that will lead a person to success, and so Life Upgrader was born!

A simple and at the same time high- performance digital platform and ecosystem, meant to help you achieve your boldest fitness goal.


After years of working with clients and unsuccessful attempts to live up to their expectations, we realized that success in achieving an objective, does not lie in how well we define that objective, or how great is the application that helps us,,keep the score” with our progress.

But rather….

The founders of Life Upgrader project, believe that success in reaching your health objective, can be achieved through the combination of the following two elements:

A simple and at the same time high- performance digital product, meant to help us achieve our goals and the Human Element (coaches, experts, those who motivate and guide us, those who have been there, those who have the necessary knowledge and experience that will help you get the results ).

Feel free to reach out and let us know that you want to be a part of a growing ecosystem.

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